IFB Service Center in Hyderabad

IFB Service Center in Hyderabad

IFB Service Centre in Hyderabad


IFB LTD is an Indian company, and its abbreviation is Indian Fine blankets. Bijon Nag is the founder of this Company. In collaboration with Heinrich Schmid AG, Switzerland, the Company began manufacturing blanked components tools, such as machine tools like straightness despoilers, strip loaders, etc. In September 1974, they introduced IFB Industries.

They began with appliances like washing machines, dryers for kitchen items such as Steel products and microwave ovens.

Why Quest dial

Quest dial has close deals with IFB services. We provide only company spare parts for an electronic device. 

Each item will have a warranty period after service. We offer 24hours service in both Hyderabad and Secunderabad.

We are famous for repairing IFB products in twin cities, and From the beginning, our service centre has been improving the IFB devices.

IFB Service Centre in Hyderabad


They are divided into engineering home products,

 fine blanked component tools and machine tools. They also produce motors for automotive and white goods applications. The Company currently handles accessories for motor vehicles and diverse parts. It also markets home appliances through Heinrich Schmid AG, Switzerland. The Company's production is located in Kolkata. It produces fine blanking tools and press tools, and components for a wide range of engineering industries. IFB planned to develop 4.84 acres of land in 1985. The Company purchased a lease in Gangarampur, West Bengal, to create high-tech machines and diversification programmers. The Company opened a new branch in 1988 with a different product name, such as Project and Construction Division. It was to help it handle projects overseas and in India. The organization also created a joint venture called RHW India Pvt Ltd. in collaboration with Wagner GmbH & Co KG West Germany and P a Rentrop Hubert. Bosch- Siemens Hausgerate in India produces fully automatic washing machines domestic Appliances. They also developed an automated seat adjustment method and were renamed IFB Industries LTD.

IFB Service Centre in Hyderabad

WITH EUROPEAN PARTNERS, the UK's open European Fine Blanking Ltd, North Wales, Wrexham, is now producing components and fine blanking tools for Europe and the UK market.

RHW India Ltd later became the Company's subsidiary. Retained the name RHW India Ltd RHW India Ltd formed a joint venture to produce and export automotive safety belts and other accessories.

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IFB Service Centre in Hyderabad

The Company launched its fully automated washing machine Kerala Electronic Market in 2000.

The Company introduced its fully automatic washing machine, Senator, to the Kerala market in 2000. The Company submitted an IFB digital washing machine that features high-tech features and the latest international models. The Company opened 250 new retail outlets across the globe in 2003-04. In Kolkata, engineering firms are QS9000 certified by DNV.

The Company introduced a new washing machine model DIVA 7kg and a high-end model DIGITAL 7kg in 2005-06. 2006-2007

Two new microwave oven models were introduced by the Company, as well as a dishwasher. They raised two new models of microwave ovens, Top leaders, and a new model oven in 2007-08.

IFB is well-known for its new technology washing machines. Many models are helpful for our everyday life.

Top-load model. Front-load Model; Fully automatic, semi-automatic, dryers and washers. It can hold 6-8 kg. It is helpful for both small and large families. IFB cleans clothes neatly, removes dust, and makes dirty clothes.

Quest dial is more involved in IFB Company business throughout India.

 It also has relationships with IFB dealers for spare parts. Quest dial is a partner of IFB Company for the installation and refurbishment of new devices. It is more experienced in repairs to all electronic devices. Quest dial can manage large customers because they have hired qualified professionals. We offer 24-hour service for your convenience. We can solve any problem with IFB electronic products.

Quest dial stocks all IFB spare parts. You can reach us at any hour for repair services.

Washing machines can have five serious problems.

Top loading washing machine

The washer vibrates and makes noise while washing clothes.

The washing machine will stop abruptly.

Pumping issue

The spinning of the cloth basket will slow.

If the washer makes a noise,

Water leakage can be caused by top-bearing deterioration.

The washer stops immediately.

The door switch may need to be replaced or broken due to overuse.

Problem with water pump


We may need to replace or fix a water drain. The drain pump connection should be examined and repaired. If necessary, replace the part.


A spinner is needed for the basket.

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Overloading can cause this issue to worsen. Start by taking off some clothing to check if it's working. If you still have the same problem, you can change the whole surface to make it more efficient.


Front door washing machine


It is where we will discuss front-open washing machine problems

Not working problem

Sometimes, water does not reach the machine.

Why is the machine not working?

Look for the power button. Sometimes, the power button is loose or disconnected.

The program should select operators.

The machine door may be jammed.

The door symbol can be seen.

Washing machines can have five serious problems


Top loading washing machine


The washer vibrates and makes noise while washing clothes.

The washing machine will stop abruptly.

Pumping issue

The spinning of the cloth basket will slow.

If the washer makes a noise,

Water leakage can be caused by top-bearing deterioration.

The washer stops immediately.

The door switch may need to be replaced or broken due to overuse.

We may need to replace or fix a water drain. The drain pump connection should be examined and repaired. If necessary, replace the part.

The water level in the area is very high.

High speed at high temperatures

These are the main reasons why the door is open.

Door lock error: First, we need to observe the switch. After that, turn off the machine's buttons for two minutes. The door will then open automatically. It will display the door error notice later. The indicator will show the information if you leave the child lock off for at least two minutes. The door will easily open.

1. How do I fix my washing machine program?

A. Verify that the start button has been turned on.

Open the top to check the water pressure and supply.

You can check the program's status, then pause, soak, rinse and press the manual to make changes according to your specifications.

The machine suddenly stops.

Verify that all connections between the switch, plug, or button of your device are correct. You can still confront the problem and seek repair.

This problem can occasionally occur due to an overload of clothes

The washing machine is loud.


Sometimes, it can insert coins, iron, or metal between the drums. The machine makes noise when it spins. The washing machine can make noise due to overload, damage or loss of connections, faulty operation, or malfunction.


Quest Dial offers an exclusive experience using IFB products. We repair washing machine models both old and new. We are skilled in the repair and replacement of parts on the IFB washing machines. The technician arrived to repair the IFB washing machine. We will replace the defective parts if necessary. Our customers were happy.


IFB Microwave oven Service Centre in Hyderabad


IFB microwave ovens bake faster than conventional ovens. Oil-free cooking is possible—the auto cook mode Functions as a slow start. Auto heat fermentation keeps various dishes warm. IFB ovens require less maintenance and are fresher than ever. You can make Kebabs, Pizzas, Popcorn, Ferment dough, Batter, and Dairy Care.


High voltage transmitter


To cook the oven requires an electric connection. Without electricity, it will not work. It requires a transmitter to adjust the current level and supply power to the stove.


IFB refrigerators are affordable. There are several models available with multi-airflow systems in each IFB refrigerator. It also has multiple cooling systems. The fridge can hold any item. Because it is a standard electronic product, it can keep every item in the refrigerator for a long time. It is highly competitive in the market. Because Indian companies make it, all spare parts for the fridge are readily available in India.


You can store any item in the microwave oven. can safely store in a microwave oven


IFB Refrigerators Various Repairs


Water leakage


Problem with the compressor


Problem with cooling


Condenser repair


Unexpected sounds from the fridge


Service for motor vehicles


Capacitor defective


IFB refrigerators are available in many models, including single, double, top freezer, and bottom freezers. Each model has a different capacity.


Quest dial repairs every component of each model. Many customers use Quest dial. We already fixed many refrigerators.

 We have many customers. We have extensive experience in all aspects of our services.




These parts are used in microwaves to convert electricity to electromagnetic waves that can then be used to heat food. It is achieved by using a highly constructed diode that uses magnetic fields to control electrons. By rotating in a clockwise direction, two-screen magnets trap the particles and stop them from fleeing.


Microwaves are created when electrons flow quickly by the holes in the anode. The magnetron was strong, making early microwaves far more potent than modern microwaves. The copper coils are becoming smaller as technology improves, which allows the whole device to be smaller.




Waveguides are similar to the oven's wave-transmitting elements. Through a small metal screen, the electrons generated by the capacitor are transmitted to a burning hole.


Cooling Fan


Like other household appliances, a microwave is susceptible to burning. It is supplied with a refrigeration system. An air conditioner spreads the microwave's electricity.


IFB Air Conditioner service canter in Hyderabad


IFB introduced Fast Cool – The Almost No AC that has these elements at its core. There is no compromise on the air quality, extraordinary pleasure, or comfort. IFB Fast Cool AC features a 7-Stage Air Conditioning System that improves indoor air quality and industry-leading cooling standards. It also has cutting-edge innovations that increase its durability and dependability.


We have a strict approach to the design and manufacture of IFB Fast Cool. It allows us to offer a 1-year Machine Warranty (comprehensive), 4-year SUPER Warranty, 10-year Compressor Warranty, and 5-year ODUPCB Warranty.


You will also feel more comfortable if your electric bill is lower. All IFB ACs are ISEER-compliant. It means that they work better and use less energy. IFB AC's R32 gas is non-toxic and works well. It is also eco-sustainable.


Additional Features for the IFB AC


IFB Fast Cool AC includes the AI Inverter Program to ensure proper operation, Extremely low power-to save electricity, dual temperature settings, and Smart Fan, which reduces the noise of the air conditioner.


Quest dial can fix any component of an IFB Air Conditioner. We provide exceptional service to each customer and are 100% satisfied in all aspects.

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Conclusion: IFB Electronics are more competitive in the world. We are experts in repairing devices. Our excellent service has made us famous in Hyderabad and Secunderabad, located at Quest dial. We also have a significant response from the local community by offering 24-hour service. We are aiming to reach large numbers of people. Only qualified electronic technologists are hired.


Why do people choose IFB Electronics?


IFB Electronics is an Indian-based company


Is it possible to find IFB parts anywhere in India?


Yes, we can find IFB parts all over India.


Why are people looking for Indian brands only?


Parts of Indian brands are always available in India.


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